26/05/16 - News


Because of the natural components of our raw material, we pay constant attention to the environment.


We are part of the CoC, so our board comes from certified forests, arrives to us and finally to our clients. To testify this, we affix the marks identifying the major international non-governmental organizations guaranteeing this process to most of our boxes.


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We also focus our attention on the ingredients of our glues, inks and secondary materials used to produce boxes and on waste disposal methods.


of our raw material is made of recycled cardboard


of our raw material comes from paper mills managing forests responsibly


of our glues and inks are made of vegetal components

Azienda green Fustelgraf


  • Any waste is recovered by specialized companies.
  • The optimization of the amount of board used for our boxes is a priority, both from a competitive point of view and from the environmental one.
  • Energy saving is another core issue. We analyze our energy efficiency periodically, taking into account consumption and emissions and aiming to reduce them and the environmental impact.