10/06/16 - News

  • Thoro e Fustelgraf obiettivo packaging
  • Thoro e Fustelgraf obiettivo packaging

What do we have in common with a packaging company at the other end of the world (Corona, California, to be precise)? Much more than you may imagine. That one is more organized and wider, we are more versatile and optimized.

But both with the same purpose: manufacturing board packaging of any shape, in runs of 1000 to 1.000.000 pieces and with a very wide finishing range.

It all started in February 2016, thanks to Mrs. Janet Steiner’s kindness, during the internship of Edoardo Rubis, Fustelgraf CEO’s son, at Thoro Packaging.

Today, Mrs. Steiner visits our facility and her daughter Jackie starts her internship, focused on management methods and differences between Italian and American market.
We hope for future cooperations and opportunities to share news, projects and technologies.